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Rob Laubacher

Oct 22, 2012


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Very interesting concept. Love the Oregon Train idea.

Mike Matessa

Nov 17, 2012


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I think that gaming can be a great way to increase motivation for environmental issues (for example, Jane McGonigal's EVOKE). In your proposal, who is developing the content and how is it getting into the classrooms?

Maja Momic

Dec 18, 2012


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You proposed very insightful actions in my opinion. I completely agree with the way of learning through playing - it stimulates growth of creativity and capabilities (have you seen Caine's arcade? However, I have a couple of suggestions. I think a more detailed definition of stakeholders, their roles and relations is required. In addition, although we're talking about local organizations and local actions, maybe those could be "embedded" into a larger framework (i.e. be (co)promoted by organizations like UNESCO, or be a part of Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, Secondly, most of your proposals are relatively high-tech, maybe you could add some that are more feasible for kids who don't know anything about apps or Justin Biber, but can however learn by playing and doing things, DIY workshops, etc.(for example