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I have given this to the world, help me get lab tests to prove it.




What actions do you propose?

My name is Bill Kendrick.

Over 20 years ago I did something to gasoline. Twenty years ago, and still today, most experimenters use an evaporative system applying heat to the liquid gasoline, they did this to try and get the larger combustion engines to run on vapor, made from gasoline. Except for myself, nobody has accomplished running the larger engines on a vapor made from liquid gasoline. I was thinking out of the box. I found if I apply a fine mist of liquid gasoline to a heating element, whose temperature is 600 degrees Fahrenheit, I could make more vapor than any engine could use. I have run 7 different vehicles with this system, all were 6 or 8 cylinder engines I created a white vapor this way. I know science and the internet say gasoline auto ignites at around 530 degrees Fahrenheit. Well being a refrigeration serviceman for 40 years I have welded almost every type of metal and know the temperatures when metals glow a red color. I used an electric heating element. When the iron on the electric element started to turn a dull red (about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) the liquid gasoline will auto ignite. This means there is about 500 degrees that science says does not exist. I have been playing in this 500 degree range for about 20 years now.

What I have done to gasoline needs to be researched. This white vapor I created , from gasoline, showed me double the horsepower that gasoline can produce. I saw this on two different Dynamometers, on two different vehicles. Now I only ran my white vapor on one vehicle, attached to a smog analyzer. Running this vehicle on liquid gasoline the smog reading maxed the hydrocarbon smog chart. Running on the white vapor I created, from the gasoline, I got Zero Parts Per Million Hydrocarbons. On another vehicle, the one seen on You Tube, I used a clean dry rag, and running the vehicle on liquid gasoline, you could not get the rag close to your face, or your eyes would burn from the fumes, of the rag. I did this same thing, running on the white vapor, I create, using another clean dry rag,  I ran the truck for 5 minutes, and the rag smelled like it had just been ironed. Try this rag trick on your own vehicle, you will find your eyes will burn like mine did, when running the vehicle on liquid gasoline.

Here is what I am saying I did. We all know how long it takes for any liquid to boil, when heat is applied, it is the amount of liquid the heat is being applied to, that determines how long it takes to boil. By applying a fine mist of liquid gasoline to the 600 degree heater surface, I am saying the fine droplets of liquid reach the temperature of the heater, before the liquid has time to boil. To give some reference to what I am saying. Find a small bug, holding it in your fingers, pass a cigarette lighter flame close to the bug. The extremities of the bug will become charcoal, almost instantly, and your fingers will only get warm. I am saying that a fine droplet of any liquid responds the same. I did it to gasoline.

Here is my conclusion. When I did this to gasoline I created a white vapor, that has no hydrocarbons, and twice the power of gasoline. I took some of the molecules in gasoline to their boiling temperature, while other molecules in the gasoline, did not reach their boiling temperature, so they remained a liquid. Proof, when I did this process I created the white vapor, but at the same time I created a non flammable liquid, that accumulated in the bottom of the chamber, that is seen on You Tube. This non flammable, oily textured liquid, will no longer mix with the liquid gasoline, it was made from. Science says when a substance is made from another substance the new substance will always blend with the substance it was created from, well, my liquid does not. To the best of my knowledge, only a molecular change can produce these results. Lab test, from a Gas Spectrum Analyzer, on the white vapor, the non flammable liquid, and the gasoline they were created from will prove what I say. See my creation on You Tube, White Gasoline Vapor, by Bill Kendrick.

Here is the icing on the cake. I have been experimenting, with distilled water, using a combustible gas leak detector, and my Flashing Liquid Process (my name for the my process). I found I detect a combustible gas, coming from the distilled water at just above 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the boiling temperature of water. My problem is I am a disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran on a fixed income, and don't have the money for lab tests or the cost of the experiments. I know that the difference in the boiling temperatures of hydrogen, and oxygen is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the mass of the heating element needs to be much larger to stabilize the temperature of the heating element, to insure the hydrogen molecules reaches their boiling temperature, while the oxygen molecules remain a liquid, and at this point the two molecules will separate, inside the distilled water.

Here is my conclusion, concerning what happens making the white vapor from gasoline. Science says when a molecular change occurs a void will be created in the chemical makeup of the original matter, and nature fills that void with whatever is present, and in the same physical state of matter, when the molecular change takes place. I have watched my process closely. A bubble forms when the liquid hits the heating element. The outside of that bubble is the non flammable liquid that accumulates in the bottom of my chamber. Inside this bubble, before the heat pops, the bubble, the vapor inside is a clear gas. When the bubble breaks, like magic the clear vapor turns to a white vapor, like magic. Now, inside my chamber air is being sucked through the chamber, by the intake manifold, and the engine suction. The air we breathe, is made up mostly of oxygen. This oxygen, in the air, mixes with the clear vapor, that was inside the bubble, turning it white instantly, this is where I get the increase in power over gasoline, the oxygen makes the white vapor burn hotter.

Get your best chemical scientist and go to You Tube, and watch the video, read all the comments. The world needs this and I told them how to do it, just need the lab test to prove it. I just want to be able to say I did it, the world now owns it.


I need to get the lab tests on the white vapor, the non flammable liquid I created at the same time, I created the white vapor, and the gasoline they were created from. I need to have a company called Chromalox make me a heating element to my design, and I need a fine spray control and I can tell the world the temperature needed to, using my Flashing Liquid Process, create from water, all the hydrogen contained in the water being sprayed onto the heating element. Oh, and when hydrogen burns it makes water.

Who will take these actions?


Where will these actions be taken?

Where ever I live.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?


What are other key benefits?

All the hydrogen the world can use, cheap.

What are the proposal’s costs?

$7 to $8 thousand. Lab tests are $1500 per test and I need three.

Time line

As long as it takes to have lab tests done.

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You Tube White Gasoline Vapor, by Bill Kendrick, Watch the video, read the introduction, read all the comments. I tell how to do, what I did to gasoline.