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Mark Capron

Jun 15, 2013


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Sid, I should have mentioned this contest to you. Glad you found it. Happy to support. Feel free to support the Ocean Foresters entries. We are spread over a half-dozen categories.

2013industrialefficiencyjudges 2013industrialefficiencyjudges

Jul 10, 2013


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The technology looks to be solid, though it is not novel, as the company has been in existence for several decades. And it looks to be applicable only in small facilities (there was no description in the proposal on how it could be scaled up), so it is not clear that it will have a large impact. Also, the proposal reads a bit like a brochure for the company. More on actions that could lead to broader adoption of this technology would have been helpful. Also, there are multiple economizer companies in the marketplace, and the proposal does not outline in sufficient detail what makes this one distinctive.