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The globalization of a platform technology to arrive at a zero energy house that energizes itself and a form of transportation


Executive summary


The concept of "World House" was introduced at the UN in NYC. The Energy Star, hurricane and seismic rated abode was temporarily assembled in 30 minutes. Today, a fiber composite version eliminates the need for traditional framing, sheathing, siding, drywall, roofing, roof trusses cutting construction costs by 50%. Photovoltaic technology is integrated with the roof panels, or throughout the entire structure. A sustainable house pays for itself compared to traditional products, yet costs no more. The technology is transferable to most types of structures, high rise as well, and in retrofits.

Visuals of the assembly of the major components of a zero energy house in under one hour will be released at Abu Dhabi's World Future Energy Summit 2012 in January. The UN declared 2012 as the International Year for Sustainable Energy for All.

The globalization of off the grid sustainable communties is one end market. Attachments specify additional societal, environmental and economic benefits.

Anncilary to the building envelop is a fully developed LEED rated composite which revolutionizes roofing as we know, thermally upgrades structures, and "solarizes the world on the cheap".

Walter Feuchs is characterized as an idea machine.

The foregoing developments are entries in the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2012, and the EU's Energy Globe Award.