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Josh Introne

Aug 25, 2011


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This sounds really interesting; could you say a little more? It would be helpful to explain how much of the damage such measures could mitigate, whether or not it is an option in all climates, what the costs might be, etc. You might add a few notes in the "Body" section of the proposal. Additionally, please add a name to the proposal! That will help other people understand a little more.

James Greyson

Aug 31, 2011


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Hi Rema, I've added a name for the proposal, 'Groundwater recharge'. You can update when you wish by clicking edit on the proposal description. Recharging groundwater is a big job I imagine. It could mean stopping extracting more groundwater and storing water above-ground instead. Plus adapting landscape and agriculture to store water in terrain (by contouring) and in soil (by compost and biochar) and in ecosystems (creating moist microclimates with expanded planting). We will also need to tackle global climate change so you're in the right place! I look forward to reading more as you expand the proposal. Thanks, James

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your participation in this year's contest. We hope you will continue to contribute to the Climate CoLab.