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Executive summary

This proposal seeks to show what is the best we can do if only developed nations mitigate their emissions.  


Anyone who is curious about exploring the possibilities under this premise should ask to join the team!

What: Actions and impacts

We want to find what is feasible according to the integrated assessment models if we allow Developing nations to act according to BAU.  

Why: Rationale for the proposal

Explanation for why these actions and impacts are desirable.

How: Feasibility of proposal

Explanation of how the proposed actions will be achieved. Teams are encouraged, but not required, to use subheadings in this section, such as:

  • Future energy technology mix
  • New policies and political mobilization that will lead to their enactment
  • Social and behavioral change

Vision of the future under this proposal

Depictions of the future that will result from this plan. This section can include artistic representations of what life will be like later this century, using such media as videos, images, or narratives.