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Increasing Climate Change Literacy to fix causes.



Climate  Change is a reality. Developing nations have little or no idea how to take steps to reduce the little GHG emissions they emit. The manner to address this problem is by is by taking climate change science and literacy to them to undertand the sources, types of emissions and what steps to take.

The lack of knowledge will contribute to failure to take any steps. The developed nations may have good measures to take to reduce the climate chanage and the global warming  but if the larger population of the world dont know what that means, the measures are likely to fail.

The developing nations are the worst hit with the climate change impacts. They need to take action too to reduce their little emissions, to improve efficiency and reduce poverty among themselves. They will also be able to access climate change finace programmes once they understand the methodology and mechanism involved. It will be difficulty for them to particiapte in this equally when they lack skills. The systems for accessing climate change funds are complex. The lack of knowldge makes them not attempt and they are unable to interrogate their counter part partners as they lack skills.

Climate Change Literacy need to be given a priority to effectively tackle the Climate Change problem. The manufacturers who use a lot of electricity, builders who need cement, road transport  and households  all emit alot of ghg emissions. They need the skills to reduce it. They can't reduce now or take any steps since they can't account ghg emissions.


Lack of Climate Change literacy contributes to emissions. Developing countries need the skills to access funds. Emission from developing nations can be tamed if the emission reduction projects are increased. Poverty increases the emission rates in developing nations as they can't afford the alternatives on their own. Training personnel in GHG Accounting in other countries is nil. The skills are not possible. Increase scholarships and other skills to bring incentives through emission reduction projects.