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Discussions help

Do you have a question related to Climate CoLab or want to interact with other Climate CoLab members? Climate CoLab encourages all members to utilize discussion boards to talk about topics related to climate change, the contests, or proposals submitted on the platform.

To see a Discussion#

There are two main places you can find a discussion board:

1)  General discussion board: here you are able to discuss topics not related to a specific contest. You can connect with other members about more general topics related to climate change, or find others who are interested in the same areas as you. We also welcome members to submit technical questions, and someone from the Climate CoLab team will respond to you.

2) Contest discussion boards: here we invite members to ask questions about specific contests. If you are confused about a contest deadline or want to find a proposal collaborator, this is the place to do it. Contest discussion boards can accessed by navigating to a contest homepage, and clicking on the “discussion” button in the grey box up top.

To see guidelines on what kinds of comments are appropriate#

Go to Community philosophy and policies.