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2010 contest results

On November 29, 2010, the Climate CoLab project staff announced the winners of it 2010 contest. Winners were named in two categories:

Popular Choice Award#

403 members of the Climate CoLab community voted in the 2010 contest. Two Popular Choice Awards were made on the basis of this voting:

1st place
Overcoming the North-South Divide (43% of the votes)
Developed by Christophe Chung and Shoko Takemoto, graduate students in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP)

2nd place
Carbon Rights (29% of the votes)
Developed by Dennis Peterson, a software engineer based in Charlotte, NC

Judges’ Choice Award (tie)#

A Realistic Climate Proposal Developed by Timothy Cronin, Arthur Gueneau, Jennifer Morris, and Paul Kishimoto, graduate students affiliated with the MIT Joint Program on Science and Policy of Global Change
Overcoming the North-South Divide (see Popular Choice Award entry above for details on developers)

In making the award to these two proposals, the panel of judges said:

The judges felt that no one proposal stood out as a winning solution, and so have decided to present the Judges' Choice Award to what they saw as the two best proposals: Overcoming the North-South Divide and A Realistic Climate Proposal.

"One reason for the tie is that these two proposals have opposing attributes. The North-South Divide is stronger in novelty, but seems less realistic (especially in its mitigation aspects); A Realistic Climate Proposal seems quite feasible, but is more lacking in novelty since it is based largely on keeping the current framework for mitigation, but easing up on the numbers.

"The judges appreciate the effort that went into all the proposals and look forward to even more creative thinking next year and proposals that can successfully combine fresh thinking, feasibility and effectiveness."

Other finalist#

One other proposal was a finalist in the contest:
Clean Development Through CCS
developed by Chen Bo Wan, (visiting professor), Jianbo Sun and Xiaofan Yang (students) from Tsinghua University in Beijing