Since there are no currently active contests, we have switched Climate CoLab to read-only mode.
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Migration to Wazoku Crowd and read-only mode

In the summer of 2022, Climate CoLab spun out and migrated to InnoCentive, the global crowdsourcing platform of Wazoku. A press release issued at the time describes the rationale for the migration. In the fall of that year, InnoCentive was renamed Wazoku Crowd.  

Future Climate CoLab activity will occur at a dedicated showcase on the Wazoku Crowd site

Wazoku Crowd's mission is to apply crowdsourcing to solve complex scientific problems, many of which are related to sustainability. Its platform runs on leading-edge idea management software provided by Wazoku.

As part of the migration, Climate CoLab’s 120,000+ members have been invited to join the community of 500,000+ Wazoku Crowd solvers. Climate CoLab members who become part of Wazoku Crowds' solver community can participate not only in future contests sponsored by MIT but also Wazoku Crowd challenges.

The legacy Climate CoLab platform will remain in place as an archive, viewable in read-only mode.