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Contest Winners

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Grand Prize Winner

Danielle Dahan

Improve Building Energy Performance: Green Job Skills Training by danielledahan

“"As high performance green buildings increase in complexity," Dahan writes in her proposal, "we need to give building technicians the skills to maintain buildings and achieve high performance energy goals." The curriculum, when in full motion, is projected to save 111 million metric tons of carbon each year in the United States alone.

Honorable Mentions

Adele Morris

A Carbon Tax in Pro-Growth Fiscal Reform by adelemorris

Adele Morris is a fellow and policy director of the Climate and Energy Economics Project at the Brookings Institution. She proposed a carbon tax that creates pro-growth tax reform, while also protecting the poor and reducing the deficit.


Anne-Marie Soulsby and Mandolin Dotto Kahindi

A Collaborative Solutions Communication Platform by jlgula

The proposal presents Tunza Kwa Faida (Benefits for All), a platform that combines a radio show and two-way text messaging to help coastal Tanzanians increase their resilience to climate change.


Job Taminiau, Gordon Schweitzer, Kathleen Saul and Sardar Mohazzam

Democratic Finance: Energy Of the People, By the People, For the People by alex7728

The group from the United States, Netherlands, and Pakistan proposed installing community-funded solar projects on unused federal rooftop space, which, they predict could mitigate millions of tons of CO2 emissions.


Global Contests

Global Plan
Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

Settle the carbon debt and release the power of example! by Jan Kunnas

I suggest how to leave the dispute about historical responsibility for climate change behind and unleash the power of example.

Judges' Choice (tie) & Popular Choice Winner

Carbon-Free, Fast by Dennis Peterson

An aggressive approach that doesn't break the bank.


Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

Stop Groundwater Plan - Save $8 Billion by Majdi & Manaugh

Systems thinking leads to a regional desalination plan to replace a narrowly conceived, costly and destructive groundwater pumping plan.

Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

Future mangroves by Poh Poh Wong

Mangroves to address sea level rise and coastal erosion.

Judges' Choice (tie) & Popular Choice Winner

Municipal adaptation strategy to climate change in Costa Rica by Sergio A. Molina-Murillo

Implementation of climate strategy at Municipal level by empowering and training local actors with focus on agriculture and water resources.

Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

COFA: Climate Optimized Fenestrations for Buildings in Developing Nations by Prof. Pradeep Kini

Climate adaptive energy conserving commercial building envelopes with analytical tool COFA:Climate Optimized Fenestration Assembly.

Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

Improve Building Energy Performance: Green Job Skills Training by Danielle Dahan

As high performance green buildings increase in complexity, technicians need the skills to maintain buildings and achieve energy goals.

Popular Choice Winner

Passive Architectural Design Index: A benchmark for passive building techniques by Sriraj Gokarakonda

Unless sufficiency is addressed with same rigour as efficiency, energy usage is inadvertently increased resulting in a rebound effect.

Consumption of Products & Services
Judges' Choice Winner

Food bikes: the low capital, low footprint alternative to food trucks by John Romankiewicz

Food bikes are the low capital, low footprint alternative to food trucks, bringing positive economic and community development.

Popular Choice Winner

Grocery Carbon-Coloured Shelving by Hannah Ritchie

Design a coloured shelving system for grocery products based on carbon footprint,to help consumers make better-informed choices.

Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management
Judges' Choice Winner

"Save the Baby" Global Data Commons for Baby Care by Chika Kuroda

Save the Baby: Global Data Commons created by digitized maternal and infant health record for disaster risk management.

Popular Choice Winner

We Are Ready (WAR) by Pooran Prasad Rajanna

We Are Ready is a platform to crowd source disaster info, send disaster alerts, plan evacuation, track people & identify medical needs.

Energy Supply
Judges' Choice Winner

Turn your phone into a virtual power plant and get paid to optimize your energy. by Matt Duesterberg

Pay people to use less electricity at key moments when their energy is coming from the grid's most carbon-intensive power plants.

Popular Choice Winner

Path To Zero - Energy Supply by BAS Nederland, Arash Aazami

Bring cities to energy independence through carbon, energy and cost neutrality.

Judges' Choice Winner

STRAUT Aero: Solar Hot Air Generator by STRAUT, Sharad Parekh

STRAUT AERO Innovative design solar hot air gen. massive potential 4 addressng industrial process heat req. economic wthout subsidies.

Land Use: Agriculture, Livestock & Forestry
Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

fulFILL: A delivery service for household products without wasteful packaging by fulFILL

fulFILL aims to combat the waste epidemic by revolutionizing the way we consume common household products.

Judges' (tie) & Popular Choice Winner

Synergies of Reforestation & Community Empowerment in Kenya by The Kijani Team, Tobias Lohse

Reforestation as convergence of climate change mitigation and adaptation with socioeconomic well-being and ecological restoration.

Shifting Behavior for a Changing Climate
Judges' Choice Winner

Visualizing climate-changed futures with serious play by FutureCoast, Ken Eklund

FutureCoast: a fun storymaking game with voicemails leaked from climate-changed futures. They appear in our time as mysterious chronofacts.

Popular Choice Winner

Fossil fuel divestment: Building a social movement for collective climate action by Fossil Free MIT, Geoffrey Supran

Fossil fuel divestment campaigns shift public opinion, empower young organizers, and generate sociopolitical willpower for climate action.

Judges' Choice Winner

Batteries on the move for a more efficient world by Lance Noel of eRev

eRev finances V2G-capable electric vehicles so they provide grid storage, generate revenue, and cost less than traditional vehicles.

Popular Choice Winner

Pollution meter by Shenbagarajan Pandiarajan

Pollution prediction meter in automobiles & display panels over the roads + Emissions trading.

U.S. Carbon Price
Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

Sno-Caps: The People's Cap-And-Trade by Sno-Caps Team, James D'Angelo

Employing a new form of scalable regulation, we can launch a global cap-and-trade today that sidesteps politics and incentivizes the masses.

Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

A Carbon Tax in Pro-Growth Fiscal Reform by Adele Morris

Use a carbon tax for pro-growth tax reform, protecting the poor, deficit reduction, and reducing less efficient policies.

Popular Choice Winner

The Little Engine That Could: Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend by CitizensClimateLobby

A revenue neutral, steadily rising fee on GHG emissions will steer the economy to a clean energy future and establish US climate leadership.

Waste Management
Judges' Choice Winner


Cement Production is the 4th global fossil carbon emission activity and it´s time to reduce and recycle debris for healthy environment.

Popular Choice Winner

Using Biogas Technology To Improve Sanitation And Mitigate Climate Change by Osero Shadrack Tengeya

Uncontrolled greenhouse gas emission from sewage waste will be reduced by using simple technology like utilizing this waste in making biogas.

Partner Contests

Communicating Coastal Risk and Resilience
This contest was run in cooperation with
Judges' Choice Winner

A collaborative solutions communication platform by Anne-Marie Soulsby

Solutions platform users collaboratively share adaptations to improve livelihoods & increase coastal Tanzanian's climate change resilience.

Popular Choice Winner

The world according to CLIVE (CoastaL Impact Visualization Environment) by Adam Fenech

CLIVE allows citizens to visualize 3D sea-level rise and storm surge scenarios at local community scales using past data and IPCC models.

Creating Public Demand for Green Building
This contest was run in cooperation with
Popular Choice Winner & Judges' Special Commendation

Path To Zero - Transforming energy inefficient buildings to green buildings by BAS Nederland, Arash Aazami

Bring cities to energy independence through carbon, energy and cost neutrality.

Urban Resilience: Climate Actions for Urban Areas
This contest was run in cooperation with
Popular Choice Winner

GreenUp - Engaging communities to build green & resilient cities in India by Aditi Sen

A crowdsourcing platform that provides funds and educational resources to encourage adoption of green infrastructure practices in cities.

U.S. Government
This contest was run in cooperation with
Judges' & Popular Choice Winner

Democratic Finance: Energy Of the People, By the People, For the People by The Energy Commons, Job Taminiau

A people-funded green energy revolution that reconnects people to energy and repositions the US as a global leader.

Youth Action on Climate Change
This contest was run in cooperation with
Judges' Choice Winner

Climate Change is Elementary: Huge Green Fundraiser for Schools by Dave Finnigan

Kids promote the program. Vendors selling green products automatically give discounts to parents and rebates to PTAs for family purchases.

< Judges' Special Commendation

Make Our Economic Reasoning Consistent with Intergenerational Justice by Timothy Damon

Empower youth to advocate for a just valuation of their future in the economics of climate change, thus unlocking ambitious climate action.

Popular Choice Winner

Indicators for Sustainability by TierraVida, Marina Mansilla Hermann

Building a youth-led citizen movement to address climate change from the bottom-up.