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Sean Penrith

Sean Penrith


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Sean Penrith, managing director at Thetus Corporation, heads up the enterprise solutions efforts of the Portland-based firm. Prior to Thetus, Sean assumed leadership of fledgling Earth Advantage, Inc. (EAI) and over the course of 7 years built the organization into a nationally regarded authority on sustainability, energy efficiency, energy disclosure, climate change, carbon markets, ecosystem services, and high performance green building. During his tenure as executive director with EAI, Sean also nurtured CakeSystems, a spin-off company that commercialized an energy efficiency modeling and performance scoring software developed by EAI. The technology was being delivered as a SaaS product to the energy conservation market.

Sean joined Thetus early 2013 to specifically design a go-to-market model for the corporate enterprise sector using the company's Savanna platform. Thetus has delivered its analysis solutions to the intelligence community for the past decade. Savanna is a model-enabled semantic analysis software technology that allows organizations to holistically manage risk and optimize for resilience in the face of a changing climate.

Sean is the vice chair at The Climate Trust and is an advisor to MIT’s Climate CoLab initiative. He holds a BS in engineering from the University of Cape Town. More at


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