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Jonathan Barth

Jonathan Barth


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June 2009

Highscool Graduation in  at Gymnasium Bad Königshofen, Germany - Final Grade A

Since October 2009:

Studies of B.Sc. of “Allgemeine Ingenieurwissenschaften (General Engineering Science)” at Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg) (TUHH)                          

  • Enrolled in 7th semester
  • Expected date of graduation: July/August 2013
  • Current Grade: 2,3
  • Specialization: Mechanical Engineering - Energy-Systems


During my studies

  • Various volunteering activities in the boards of the university and the students union
  • Two years experience in Project management and democratic decision making
  • Taking part in seminars, summits and conferences about environmental and economic problems
  • Various disussions about environemental, social and economic problems and their connection within my personal environment


Subject of my bachelor thesis: 

Agricultural use of sewage water for irrigation purposes - an analysis by technical and socio-scientific aspects


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