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Susan Malavet

Susan Malavet


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Born in Ohio, lived most of my life in New England before I moved to Aberdeenshire,Scotland, UK. I understand and relate equally well to farmers and big business in a country or city lifestyle. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to watch the inevitable from both sides of the pond and truly believe that countries have got it all wrong because their is no fence or border when it comes to the earth and its problems it is a world concern.

I presently am, growing willows, hens and ducks for pets, solid fuel heats house and water, solar panels for renewable energy, large vegetable gardens, drive a Prius and work at home.   Purchased property from a haulage company included a home and just under 5 acres with my husband.  We had only one thought in mind was to make our area a better place and with our most recent Energy Performance Certificate we are now CO2 NEGATIVE.

This is not an easy life but it has proven to be a better life and as I get older it will have to get easier for me to stay here and thats our next project.


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Nature + Technology = Clean sustainable energyApr 22, 2013


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