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Mike Matessa

Jul 7, 2011


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Add a comment here to find like-minded teammates who can help you on your proposal!

James Greyson

Jul 8, 2011


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I'd be delighted to get a message from anyone willing to lend their thoughts to my proposal at I want to get to the source of the problems by designing a solution that is not so much a climate policy as a whole society policy with the effect of making the whole society and economy into a climate-problem solving mechanism. Thanks! James Greyson Others who have not yet started a proposal but would just like to make contact with prospective team members please also post here :-)

Mike Matessa

Jul 11, 2011


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Icarus ( is looking to team with someone who would take the lead on a proposal that could use information about renewables. From the Global Scrapbook proposal: "Two recent studies suggest that renewables could be the answer. The IPCC's 2011 Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation projects that renewables could potentially provide the majority of global energy production by the year 2050. And a November 2010 article in Scientific American by researchers from Stanford and UC Davis was even more optimistic about the potential for renewables. Both studies suggest that a global shift to renewables in coming decades is quite feasible. So how about this as the basis for a proposal? I don't have time to take the lead on this, but if someone else did, I could help out."

Nishadh K.a.

Jul 20, 2011


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Team I3E request interested co lab members to join for proposal Kindly lend your time for the following TO DO LIST as became I3E team member or supporter or as climate co lab community member. TO DO LIST Before 15th August 2011 1) Debate or discussion over the proposal topic, frame work, vision- its chronological order etc. 2) finalization of functional narrative of the proposal. 15th August to 15th September 2011 Feasibility analysis or modeling of proposed vision 1-3. 1) vision 1: Linear regression of time and social networking sites post rate. To demonstrate that sensor web enablment (Internet of things) can happen in the same phase. 2) vision 2: Game theoretical modeling of industrial strategies in the scenario of acute resource crunch. To show that non renewable resource extraction is bad idea and business lucrative in services, reuse and recycling. Model industrial scenario proposed for analysis is Natural stone floor industry. 3) vision 3: Feasibility analysis of change in scientific prospective given by William E.Rees as complex system sciences in page number 4. The proposed model for this analysis was General Continuum of Scientific perspectives on Nature model ((Killingsworth and Palmer 1992) as applied by Pearson and Cassola 2007- It basically to prove that better communication between us and nature provided by sensor web enablment can facilitate the change in the scientific perspectives.

Dorcas Melda

Sep 21, 2020


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