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Why Climate Change?

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Amaterasu Solar

Sep 5, 2015


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Expecting to be run out of here on a rail, I pose the question, why do We think there is much of a Human component (beyond weather modification and control) involved on this planet? Given that the volume of all Humans wouldn't fill one of the side canyons in the Grand Canyon, that volcanoes pump out in one belch as much "greenhouse gasses" as We have produced since We first started with "fossil" fuels, and that there is a clear control/taxation effort behind these efforts to pin blame on the carbon issue... Why would We take this so seriously? I hope for honest discussion here.

Rob Laubacher

Sep 16, 2015


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The IPCC's latest report says: "Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia. The atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amounts of snow and ice have diminished, and sea level has risen." Regarding the cause of this warming, it says: "It is extremely likely that more than half of the observed increase in global average surface temperature from 1951 to 2010 was caused by the anthropogenic increase in GHG concentrations and other anthropogenic forcings together (Figure 1.9). The best estimate of the human induced contribution to warming is similar to the observed warming over this period." In regular language, a panel of the world's top scientists is saying, in cautious language, is that humans have caused all of the warming that occurred between 1951 and 2010. For more, see

Sarah Akans

Sep 30, 2015


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Water temperatures have also risen dramatically since the 60's-70's, which contributes to the melting of the ice caps, leading to the deaths of polar bears. This change in temperature has been accredited to the amount of heat kept inside of the Earth's atmosphere due to the thickening of said atmosphere from the larger levels of greenhouse gases the human race has been increasingly producing since about the same time frame(60's-70's). Another way humans have had an effect on climate change.

Kamal Mokeddem

Oct 23, 2015


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I don't think there is a problem. Neither does Freeman Dyson: sarahakans, can you explain why antarctic sea ice just hit a new record maximum if water temperature has risen "dramatically":

Robert Kinkead

May 18, 2016


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The earth is warming/changing but not because we have too much Co2 in the atmosphere,the earth is warming because we have too little Co2.Our low levels of Co2 and poor agricultural practices have turned 2/3 to 3/4 of the earth's land into desert or severely desertifing.Land covered with green vegetative forage is 18 to 20 degrees cooler than bare soil.The micro climate when over large ares affects the major climate.The earth has greened considerably since the 60's because we have increased Co2 by the burning of fossil fuels from 280ppm to 400ppm.There is no logical correlation of Co2 levels and the temperature of the earth,When the sun's rays are intercepted by plants and used in photosynthesis the energy does not warm the earth. Carbon from Co2 is needed for plant growth. A few facts-plants die at Co2 levels of less than 150ppm they grow slowly at 200ppm.The plants we have today grow best around 1500ppm. Mammalian life is safe at levels of 8000ppm and possibly higher.Carbon exist without life, life does not and can exist without carbon

Hassan Mohajer

May 19, 2016


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We burn more than 30 million ton of fossil fuel every day and warm up our plant? If we are seeking a solution for this issue, we have to stop burning fossil fuel. We have to stop using dirty technologies of 18th century. To stop burning fossil fuel we need an electric vehicle with ability to harvest wind energy when it is not in service. So simple! The following webpage shows one of these technologies: This technology is based on a patent pending "TURBINE WITH DYNAMICALLY ADAPTABLE SAVONIUS BLADES".

Eric Leclair

Jul 11, 2016


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Climate change is not the issue. The earth is not going anywhere, WE ARE :) - George Carlin

Deivis Bluznevi?ius

Oct 15, 2016


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Animals live according to instincts. They do what their bodies say. We live according to our minds. Our stressed minds want more objects i.e. more measurements. We use water as the basis of length (meter), basis of weight (kg), basis of temperature (Celcius scale), basis of electricity. And we use our physiology to measure the rotation of our planet i.e. time. And we get more and more objects by creating constants out of surroundings. And when the number of waves i.e. measurements in the substance (water) increase the substance starts heating up. Today there is so much artificial waves: mobile communication, internet, TV, rotations of vehicles, engines, electrical tools etc. And if we want our planet to cool down we have to calm our minds first. Human body feels the rotation of our planet as animals do. And we live according to clock which shows the time of the time zone. And we change that two times a year i.e. summer time and winter time. We live according to calendar which begins on the 7 day after winter solstice. We don't start new activities based on moon phase as do animals and plants. And so we are sick. We live lifestyles which harm our bodies. And our activities destroy the harmony on the planet. If we adjust our activities to the rotation of our planet, sun and moon the climate will heal by itself.

Stuart Hodson

Oct 15, 2016


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How about converting the seaweed oil (triglycerides - glycerol and three fatty acid chains) into Bioresin? This can substitute for petrochemically derived resin (urea formaldehyde, MDI) and can be used for building materials e.g. engineered wood products, and as a substitute for steel and some concrete applications. The CO2 is fixed for the life of the products (determinable) and not released upon combustion (as with biodiesel use). It is also a higher value product. Cambridge Biopolymers has been able to do this for 16 years and has produced many samples. I met Tim Flannery who greatly supports ocean seaweed afforestation. I don't understand why the rest of the world has not yet woken up to this - including IPCC, Royal Society US government..... The leading alternative geoengineering proposal is releasing SO2 into the stratosphere!!

Robert Dyson

Oct 21, 2016


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In the original post it says, "volcanoes pump out in one belch as much "greenhouse gasses" as We have produced since We first started with "fossil" fuels". This is incorrect. You can read - Another post says, Mammalian life is safe at levels of 8000ppm and possibly higher.Carbon exist without life, life does not and can exist without carbon" Even were this true, the global temperature with 8000ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere would have the earth on track to become another sterile Venus. You get a good summary of CO2 levels on the health of plants: Global warming at the current rate will be bad for us, and we can enjoy ourselves working on technologies to slow and then reverse it.