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Olawale Olaniyan

Aug 11, 2017


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There are many good things about your proposed activities. Targeting the Ugandan youthful population in terms of creating climate change awareness and change in behaviour will be a worthy course. This is because according to World Economic Forum data published in 2016 (The world’s 10 youngest populations), Uganda with a median age of 16 has the second youngest population in the world and likewise in Africa. Also, the educational approach described in your proposal is also  appealing with and has a high tendency to achieve the intended objectives.

I am of the opinion that your idea of co-financing by the school and the government will ensure sustainability of the project. Meanwhile, I will like to suggest that you provide more clarification concerning the expected cost of implementing your projects.

Best of luck!


Ridwan D. Rusli

Aug 17, 2017


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Important idea, agree with Mr Olaniyan's comments. Do remember that farming communities in developing countries like Uganda (I'm from Indonesia), always face daily-tradeoffs between economic necessities and climate-change objectives. Thus the instructors must consider these tradeoffs in their teachings and examples. Additionally, while individual households or small farmers often may not be able to influence it, the program designers must also take into account any consequences (and objections) due to (from) local and national political-economic interests.

Sergio Pena

Sep 6, 2017


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certainly a great idea.

However, I am not totally convince that such idea might be clearly stated. On one hand you offer to create awareness by teaching the problems created by climate change and on the other to contribute to planting trees in order to diminish the effects of the change of the climate. Probably you could sharp your ideas on the subject.

Best regards.


Bryan Boots

Sep 10, 2017


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Thanks for submitting a proposal, Gaster!

I really like the idea of helping to teach children about climate change through changing practices at their own schools!

You have some good information here, but I'd like to see more details and specifics as to how specifically the project would be implemented and look like.

You mention it would cost about 10,000 for this project. Would this amount be per school served? What things would need to be purchased, and what activities would need to be undertaken, using this 10,000?

Also, if this is something that you'd like to see scaled up across Uganda, and perhaps beyond Uganda, if you could think about ways to measure changes in the children's mindset and attitudes regarding climate change from start to finish, having data like that (which demonstrates the effectiveness of your project) could be useful to you in scaling up the project to other areas.