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Ralf Lippold

Sep 19, 2017


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Der Hermit Technologies - Team, 

Your proposal sounds excellent. If financial benefits for the companies using the device, the users, and the impact on CO2 output combine in positive ways nothing should stand in the way to make it take hold in the real world. 

While we all have to wait until the semi-finalists will be announced check out the book "The Social Construction of Technological Systems" by Bijker, Hughes, Pinch. Especially the chapter called " The Consumption Junction: A Proposal for Research Strategies in the Sociology of Technology" by Prof. Ruth Schwartz Conan might give valuable insights in bringing your project forward. 

Best of luck for the weeks to come, and in bringing your proposal up.


Cliff Goertemiller

Sep 22, 2017


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Hi Ralf,

Thank you for reaching out to and for the suggested literature.  We will be certain to check it out!

Best Regards,