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Greg Robie

Jan 18, 2016


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To the degree greed-as-good CapitalismFail is, thanks to motivated reasoning, a functional religion, this proposal is half right: any way to anywhere other than BAU must, logically, leverage greed. Since this proposal seems to assume a climate neutrality for fiat debt-based currencies as the means for increasing renewables isn't it systemically short sighted? The climate system only will respond significantly different than it is when fossil carbon is left in the ground…in conjunction with rapid decarbonization, en masse rejection of a high energy lifestyle as a matter of privilege, massive investments in renewables, and the exponentially growing positive feedback of Arctic carbon returning to–at worst–a linear one (oh, & addressing ocean acidification). Given where the climate system seems to be in its tip into abrupt climate change and the Paris Agreement amounting to little more than a greenwashing of BAU, is this proposal's creative different thinking needing yet more thinking differently? e.g.