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Claudius Gabinete

Jun 11, 2015


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Dr. Sikder, this is a very interesting and innovative idea. The technology's potential for a low cost, indigenous and portable primary stage water treatment equipment would have a huge impact not only in Bangladesh but also in other low lying developing countries (with access to laterite soil) as well. If I get you're idea right, I think you are proposing to design, build and evaluate a prototype of LSIPPF. My main suggestion is to design and build different prototypes (at least three) with different configurations, including a prototype with a low cost anti-microbial additive (preferably organic, indigenous and must be proven food safe). I would also like to suggest that the evaluation of these prototypes should also include ease of deployment (how easy it is to gather materials and build the unit), and cost. Lastly, I would also like you to look into social and cultural acceptance. It may be haphazard to assume that people would readily accept this technology for daily use in their households. Perceptions can be very hard to change even if your technology is backed by scientific facts. Therefore, I would also suggest an information and education component in your proposal to encourage and promote the use of the technology you will be developing once it passes your evaluation. For additional reference, you may also consult the work of Kadam and Nemade (2009) on Treatment of municipal wastewater using laterite-based constructed soil filter, where they evaluated laterite filter for municipal wastewater treatment and found that the it has " low HRT, high hydraulic loading, no chemicals, pretreatment and mechanical aeration, odor free, low energy requirement (0.04 kWh/m3), and green ambience." Sikder

Jun 11, 2015


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Thanks a lot Mr. Claudius Gabinete for your suggestion. I am grateful to you. I must incorporate your suggestion in my proposal.

Fahad Ahmed

Jun 14, 2015


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It is nice concept and innovative idea.