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Contents of this page#

Rationale behind teams#

Members of the Climate CoLab can create proposals by themselves, but since a variety of kinds of expertise are needed to create a good proposal, members are encouraged to form teams.

For instance, a team might include different people with expertise in quantitative modeling, political analysis, writing, and artistic creation.

To see list of teams looking for help#

Go to the list in Active contests and look for proposals that have an X in the "Seeking assistance" column.

To see a list of all teams#

Teams are currently identified by the proposal they are developing, so to see a list of all teams, go to the Active contests page and look at the list of proposals.

To join a team#

To join a team, you must first register or log in at the upper right part of the page.

Find the proposal you would like to join and open the Team tab.

Click the "Request membership" button.

The owner of the proposal will receive a message conveying your request and should respond to you directly.

If you do not hear from the proposal owner, you can follow up with a message to them.

Find the proposal owner's name in the Team tab, then click on Community in the top menu bar.

Click on the Members tab and search for the proposal owner under their user name.

Click in the appropriate user name in the search results, and the proposal owner's profile will open on the right.

You can send a message by clicking on "Send message" and following the prompts.

To start a new team#

You can start a new team by starting a new proposal.

First, log in or register at the top right of the page.

Once you're logged in, you can start a new proposal by going to the Active contests page and clicking on "Begin a new proposal."