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Seeking Climate CoLab Impact Assessment Fellows


MIT’s Climate CoLab ( is an online platform where thousands of people from around the world work with experts and each other to create, analyze, and select detailed proposals for what to do about climate change. In 2017, Climate CoLab is running a suite of contests on topics such as energy supply, transportation, buildings, and more. See the contests here:

With support from the Impact Assessment Fellows, community members can calculate and submit the carbon equivalent impacts or adaptation potential of proposals, and computerized simulation models embedded into the system allow them to project the environmental outcomes.

Climate CoLab is seeking qualified applicants for its volunteer Impact Assessment Fellow team.  Impact Assessment Fellows support the Climate CoLab community members by analysing and certifying their proposals’ climate impacts.




Basic Qualifications

Optional Qualifications

Please note in your application if you have experience with these or similar topics:

About the Climate CoLab

Run out of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, the Climate CoLab aims to harness the world’s collective intelligence to address global climate change. Activity is organized through a suite of annual contests, each focused on a challenge related to climate change. To date, over 85,000 members have submitted, collaborated on, or voted for the over 2000 proposals now on the site.

Some contests on the platform allow members to use computerized simulation models (including EnROADS and EMF) to project the climate impact of their proposals. For proposals to regional and global contests, community members are able to combine proposals from many different sectors and sub-areas to form integrated solutions. 

To apply, please complete the form below, or visit the full version of the form here

Looking for the application for Climate CoLab contest Fellows?  Please click here