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Seed proposals

Seed Proposals

Some proposals on the Climate CoLab are “seed proposals.”

Seed proposals are created by Climate CoLab Fellows and staff and are based on the work of respected external organizations or individuals.* 

There are three reasons for including these proposals in the Climate CoLab: 

  1. to represent in the CoLab important ideas that are already well-known in the world so they can be compared to new ideas generated by members of the CoLab community,
  2. to provide raw materials that CoLab community members can include in their integrated proposals, and
  3. to inspire more ideas in the CoLab community.

Climate CoLab members are welcome to link to seed proposals, or to use them as a starting point for creating a new proposals of their own.  Just like any other Climate CoLab proposal, if you use ideas from a seed proposal in your own proposal, you should give credit to the original source of the ideas by linking to that proposal.

Please note that seed proposals are not eligible for monetary prizes in the Climate CoLab.

*While these organizations and individuals typically have not reviewed nor endorsed the seed proposals, they are welcome to take ownership of the proposal based on their work.  Contact for more information.