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Mitigation Template

Mitigation #

Character counts will change depending on the contest.     


Give your proposal a title. It's the first thing most people will see, so you'll want to make it descriptive and engaging.


Team name optional

If you'd like to have your proposal appear under a team name, insert it here. Otherwise, the proposal will appear under the user name of its owner.


Proposal image   optional



Insert a tweet-length (140 character) message that conveys the key idea behind your proposal.



Please provide brief summary of the proposal.


What actions do you propose?

Describe physical actions to be adopted that will have a direct impact on climate change and/or social actions (such as new policies, changes in economic incentives, or evolution of behavioral norms) that will encourage adoption of those physical actions.


Who will take these actions?

Describe the key actors from government, business, other organizations, and individuals, and their roles.


Where will these actions be taken?

Describe the location where the actions will occur (for example, European Union, China, Rio de Janeiro, developing countries, etc.).


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Project the amount emissions will be reduced in a future target year of your choice when compared against an alternative, business as usual scenario in which no action is taken to address climate change.


What are other key benefits?

Describe other desirable outcomes for the environment and society of the proposed actions.


What are the proposal’s costs?

Project the economic costs and/or any other negative side effects of the proposed actions.


Time line

Describe how the proposed actions will be phased in over the short term (5-15 years), medium term (15-50 years), and long term (50-100 years)


Related proposals

What other Climate CoLab proposals are related to this proposal? Include links to and, if you wish, brief descriptions of the other proposals and how they relate to this one.



Include scientific papers, policy studies, journalists’ reports or any other source that provides support for points made in the proposal (you may cite the references in the proposal text).