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Industrial efficiency

Basics #

Question How can greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector be reduced?

Contest main page Submit proposals at

Deadline June 15, 2013, at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time

Rules All entrants must agree to the 2012-13 contest rules.

Prizes The contest winners will be invited to present their work at the Crowds and Climate Conference at MIT November 6-7, 2013, and at the event, a $10,000 Grand Prize will be awarded to one of the contest winners

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Guidelines from the contest Advisor(s) and Fellow(s) #

Opportunity/challenge #

There are endless opportunities for organizations willing to take action. Global industrial processes stand to reduce their energy consumption by 50%, even with the constraints of technology commercially available today. Across the globe, companies are making pledges to reduce their energy-related emissions. However, innovative and radical solutions for meeting these ambitions objectives remain scarce. Industrial organizations around the world are searching for the next big idea, product, or concept that will help them reduce their energy consumption. This contest aims to encourage innovative thinkers to come together to create solutions that can dramatically impact industrial energy consumption.

Key issues #

According to the IFC, industrial facilities account for 40% of electricity use, 77% of coal and coal products use, and 37% of natural gas use globally. In developing nations, energy is often disproportionately allocated to the infrastructure-building, income-generating industrial sector, creating tensions between development goals and economic growth. Innovative industrial energy-efficient technologies that exist today could have a significant impact on industrial energy use. Yet, adoption remains slow. How can we drive adoption of existing industrial efficiency technologies? And what new technologies and strategies should be employed to dramatically reduce the industrial sector's energy use?

Judges and contest-specific prizes #

Judges will be announced as they are selected.

References #