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CoLab Global Challenge 2010


The 2010 contest is a trial run (a "beta test") for what is expected to be a series of annual Climate CoLab Contests in future years.

In these contests, teams of people from all over the world will work together to develop proposals outlining what humanity should do about global climate change.

To start a new entry to the contest#

Go to the Active Contests page and select "Begin a new proposal."

For help in completing you entry, you can go to Tips for 2010 contest.

Focus of contest#

For 2010, the contest will invite users to contribute proposals that focus on the question:
What international climate agreements should the world community make?

Proposals will be created on-line in the CoLab and will include:

Proposals may also include:

Contest schedule#

The contest will have two rounds, with judging occurring between them.

Preliminary round (October 1-October 31)
Teams will create proposals.

Judging (November 1-7)
After the preliminary round, expert judges will select proposals for the finals based on their feasibility, novelty, and quality.

Judges will also seek to select finalists that represent a diverse range of approaches.

Final round (November 8-26)
In the final round, all registered users of the CoLab vote for the proposal they prefer.

The judges will also decide which proposals they see as most desirable.

Prizes will be given for the proposals that receive the most votes, and for the ones the judges view as most desirable.


Winning teams and their proposals will be featured on the home page of the Climate CoLab and in a press release from MIT.

The Climate CoLab team will support travel by at least one representative from each winning team to one or more of the briefings planned with policy makers (more details below).

Connections to policy makers#

The Climate CoLab team is arranging briefings for relevant policy-makers about the results of the contest. Events planned so far include:


Users are encouraged to form teams to develop proposals (though Individuals may also create proposals on their own).

Future contests#

The 2010 contest will be a beta test of the overall concept.

Based on the experience in 2010, contests in future years may include different issues or contest structures.

Full contest rules#

See 2010 CoLab Global Challenge Rules