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Rain Enhancement 2017


Question: What can be done to increase the efficiency of rain enhancement in UAE and around the world?
Submit Proposals:
Rules: All entrants must agree to the Contest rules and Terms of Use
Deadline: Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017 at 15:59:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Judging Criteria & Prizes: See below.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Program for Rain Enhancement Science is an international research initiative designed to stimulate and promote scientific advancement and the development of new technology in this area.

This Climate CoLab contest is an academic exercise for MIT-Masdar students to develop proposals on the subject of rain enhancement, and is closely inspired by -- though not officially associated with -- the UAE Program for Rain Enhancement Science's 2017 call for proposals.


Key Issues

According to the UAE Program for Rain Enhancement Science:

Almost half of the world’s population could be faced with high water stress by 2030, according to the United Nations. Much of the projected total global population increase of three billion over the next three decades will occur in developing countries, putting severe pressure on already limited supplies of potable water.

For arid and semi-arid regions, rain enhancement could offer a viable, cost-effective supplement to existing water supplies. Recent technological developments offer the potential of using rain enhancement as an important supplement to existing sources of groundwater and desalinated water.

There is a real danger that the stresses imposed by increasing water scarcity could trigger civil and inter-state conflicts. As water security is an essential element of national security, there is an increasing imperative for countries to strengthen their water resilience by promoting research and development, investment in new technologies, more efficient resource conservation and effective international partnerships.

Students who are a part of the MIT and Masdar Institute Cooperative Program are invited to submit, collaborate on, and receive feedback on their proposals on how to improve the delivery and efficiency of rain enhancement in the UAE or other countries around the world.

A wide diversity of proposals on rain enhancement are welcome, from improving rainfall modeling/simulation, to technological development, to the application of plausible methods, to national or international policies.

Judging Criteria


Proposals are to be 400-500 words in length, not including the list of resources.

Judges will be asked to assess proposals on the following criteria:



Prizes will be given to the most promising proposal(s), at the Judges' discretion.

In addition, "collaboration" prizes will be given to students who valuably comment on other students' work.



June 6 – 13:  Introduction & Subject Research


June 14 – July 6:  Proposal Creation & Open Discussion


 July 7 – 16:  Evaluation 1


July 17 – 26:  Proposal Revisions & Open Discussion


July 27 – August 7:  Evaluation 2


August 17:  Workshop at MIT, Presentations & Awards Given


Resources for Proposal Authors

Students are encouraged to conduct their own research, and to list resources at the end of the proposal.

You may wish to start at these two websites: