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Who are Climate CoLab Catalysts?

Catalysts are passionate volunteers who are eager to help contribute to new, creative solutions to climate change. They may be postdoctoral fellows or graduate students, staff members in organizations or companies, or committed citizens with knowledge of and interest in climate change-related issues. Catalysts apply and are selected by the Climate CoLab as people with expertise and qualifications that would be valuable to proposal authors for specific contests.

What do Catalysts do?

Catalysts commit to reviewing and providing constructive feedback to proposals in one Climate CoLab contest. The intention of the feedback is to encourage proposal authors and help them improve on their work.  This might include suggestions on related reference materials, data, projects, reports or studies, experts, and/or pointers on ways to clarify or strengthen the ideas in the proposals.  Catalysts are not asked or obliged to provide research or proprietary ideas, nor to help write proposals. Catalyst comments are considered on equal footing as those from other community members. They will not be screened by Climate CoLab staff or contest Fellows.  Like all community members, the views expressed by the Catalysts are those of the individual and do not represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, MIT, the Climate CoLab, or the contest Fellows, Advisors or Judges.  The comments provided cannot be protected by copyright or other rights protection and must be available for public consumption & use.

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