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Contest Winners

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Grand Prize Winner

Dr. Geoffrey Hay and the HEAT team

Whose Home is wasting more energy, yours or your neighbours? by drgeoff

"We're excited about being recognized and having our work recognized, but we're also excited about the other proposals we've been in the company of. There were some outstanding proposals, and we're grateful to have been part of that group", says Hay in a thank you video.

Honorable Mentions

Peggy Liu and Chenyu Zheng

Reimagine prosperity; reframe sustainability; reshape consumerism by JUCCCE

JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy), a Shanghai-based non-profit organization, were awarded an Honorable Mention for their proposal, "Reimagine prosperity; reframe sustainability; reshape consumerism". Their "China Dream" project seeks to develop a new, more sustainable vision of the good life for the growing Chinese middle class.


Adaptation by Civil Society Winners
Judges' Choice Winner

George Hops Farmers Association Climate Adaptation & Resilience Programme by Victor Blanco

Hops production is threatened by climate change. Farmers must adapt to secure the benefits of their enterprise.

Popular Choice Winner

Steps to an Ecology of Mind -- Climate Change Impact/Adaptation Strategy in Africa by AHP/FPD: Monika dos Santos

Africa contributes the least of any continent to global warming. People living on the continent are in line to be the hardest hit.

Agriculture & Forestry
Judges' Choice Winner

Nicaragua: Carbon Sink, Economic Driver & Medicinal Plant Preservation by Cecalli Esteli - Pia Jensen and Alejandro Floripe

Poverty stricken & war torn, Nicaragua's people strive for healthy environs & Cecalli has ambitious plans to improve life via reforestation.

Popular Choice Winner

Woody Agriculture: Breeding & Implementing Hazelnut & Chestnut as Staple Crops by Badgersett Research

Woody Agriculture converts annual cropland to staple-food-producing woody plants, capturing 3 times the carbon. It's time to scale it up.

Building Efficiency
Judges' Choice and Popular Choice Winner

EE-based Formalization by UNDP Montenegro

Using energy efficiency as an incentive for formalization of illegal buildings in Montenegro.

Popular Choice Winner

Smart LED Streetlamps system through the implementation of mesh networks by Hector Bracamontes

Streetlamps are part of the city's street furniture. Their electricity consumption represents a high percentage of a small-size city budget.

Electric Power Sector
Judges' Choice Winner

Spontaneous Conversion of Power Plant CO2 to Dissolved Calcium Bicarbonate by Greg Rau, Ken Caldeira and Phil Renforth

As in SO2 mitigation, spontaneously remove CO2 from power plant flue gas using wet limestone scrubbing.

Popular Choice Winner

Integral Fast Reactors Can Power The Planet by Tom Blees

Mass-producible integral fast reactor modules can power every country on earth for nearly a millennium with waste products already at hand.

Popular Choice Winner (At Large)

It's the 21st Century. Where's My Fusion Reactor? by Dennis Peterson

Cheap, practical fusion may be closer than you think.

Enabling Adaptation
Judges' Choice and Popular Choice Winner

Building consensus, enabling adaptation: facilitating collective risk management by Danya Rumore, Lawrence Susskind, Patrick Field, and Carri Hulet

Here's a collaborative approach that at-risk communities can use to move forward with adaptation. Help us implement it!

Popular Choice Winner (At Large) and Judges' special commendation

Photovoice for Vulnerability: Disaster Adaptation in Central Philippines by Yanjun Cai

Empower the disadvantaged community through participatory photography to reveal unheard vulnerability and form adaptation capacity.

Judges' Choice Winner

Saving the Planet, v2.0 by Greg Rau, Ken Caldeira, and Max Platzer

Interested in air CO2 removal, carbon-negative fuel, saving the ocean, and redrawing the global energy map?

Reducing Consumption
Judges' Choice Winner (tie) and Climate CoLab Grand Prize Winner

Whose Home is wasting more energy, yours or your neighbours? by Geoff Hay

FREE personalized HEAT Scores, HEAT Maps, Hot Spots, GHG estimates and waste-heat comparisons/competitions for homes, communities & cities.

Judges' Choice Winner (tie)

Cool Food - empowering climate friendly food choices on a daily basis by Cool Food

Team members: Viv Baker, Gerard Bisshop, Diana Donlon, and Francesca Allievi. A "Cool Food" rating system indicating climate and other impacts would empower consumers to choose climate-friendly foods.

Popular Choice Winner and Climate CoLab Honorable Mention

Reimagine prosperity; reframe sustainability; reshape consumerism by JUCCCE

Use a carbon tax for pro-growth tax reform, protecting the poor, deficit reduction, and reducing less efficient policies.

Replacing Diesel Generation
Judges' Choice and Popular Choice Winner

Replacing the use of diesel pumps in agriculture by IDEI - Amitabha Sadangi

Replacing diesel pump use for irrigation by promoting Treadle Pumps and preparing a toolkit for capacity building.

Scaling Renewables in Major Emerging Economies
Judges' Choice Winner

Fish River River Hydro Scheme by Peter Jordaan and Magun Janietzche

A run-of-river hydroelectric system with a novel new approach that fundamentally differs from the standard hydro methodology.

Popular Choice Winner

From the Crowd to the Base: Crowdfunding for Local Climate Action by Konrad Ritter and Diann Black-Layne

Crowdfunding channeled through Microfinance gives urban and rural poor access to renewable energy to transform lives.

Shifting Public Perceptions on Climate Change
Judges' Choice and Popular Choice Winner

Sunk Investment Map: Show the Personal Property Impacts of Climate Change by Keith Brower Brown

Let's make climate change personal--with a map to show Americans how floods, storms and wildfire could impact their homes and businesses.

Popular Choice Winner (At Large)

CliO - A Virtual Green Pet that Responds With Low-Carbon Lifestyle Choices by Yale FES

Team members: Rebeka Ryvola, Bo Uuganbayar, Rocio Sanz, Angel Hsu, and Vrinda Manglik. Meet CliO! A virtual green pet who responds with your low-carbon lifestyle choices.

Transportation Efficiency
Judges' Choice Winner

Smart Mobility for the 21st Century by Galen Wilkerson

A bottom-up mobility-centered approach, to simply get individuals from A to B by intelligently using available data and mobile devices.

Popular Choice Winner

Open CarPool - Open Source for Efficient Commute by eBay Green Team - Clemens Rath

A simple open source framework for carpools within companies reduces traffic in daily commute and fosters ridesharing acceptance.

Waste Management
Popular Choice Winner

Mission 2030 - Zero Construction Renovation Demolition Waste to Landfill by 2030 by CRI Council - Renee Gratton

This call-to-action is a change management initiative, to change how the building industry views and deals with waste and other resources.

Partner Contests

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
Judges' Choice Winner

Dual purpose fracking by John Dowse

Increased fracking will create sites for CO2 sequestration. The gas/oil piping will be suitable for CO2 once the well is largely exhausted.

Popular Choice Winner

Methane-sniffing drones with distributed mobile sensors! by Mark Capron and Clifford Goudey

States require drillers to "buy" wasted fuels from gas utilities. The utilities deploy methane-sniffing drones and mobile sensors.

Local Solutions
Judges' & Popular Choice Winner

Transition Lab: Scalable Resilience Education and Models for New Local Economies by Transition Lab - Russell Evans and Jake Hanson

A replicable grassroots education teaching the skills and mindset for local resilience, powered by new and viable economic models.

Urban Adaptation: Climate Resilient Cities
Judges' Choice Winner

Integral GIS - A conceptual framework for participatory adaptation planning by Lynn Rosentrater

A planning approach that uses common tools in innovative ways to communicate about climate change and facilitate adaptation decision-making.

Popular Choice Winner

Seasonal Migration Routes Identification System and Workshops: A New Strategy by Michael Houle

Prepare Vietnamese cities' housing infrastructures for potential seasonal migrants influx from Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces, Vietnam.