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How to secure your wireless network?

As the Internet users are growing, broadband Internet access become more available at home. Computer user like us tends to make connection available to multiple computers and hence we create our own computer network at home.
Nowadays, to find a wired router is not easy as getting a wireless one. And if we get a wireless network, we could be sharing out our Internet connection to our neighbors or the person who has been sitting outside our house. What is more serious is we are increasing the risk of exposing our computer to hackers.

Find a good wireless router that has good set of security features is very important. Luckily, most of the wireless router comes with very good security features. But we need to know what the security features and how to configure to secure our computer network at home.

Below are the key security measures must be employed to prevent hacker:


The first thing to do is the change the default password of the router because the default password not only available in the router manual but also vendor product website – you find it so as the hacker. Even the router has the best firewall built in, hacker can still gain access your router and computer if you don’t change the default password so change first before someone does it for you!

Wi-Fi Encryption

Another basic protection is to use encryption so all communication between the computer and the wireless router is scrambled and only those with proper encryption key well allow to gain access to the wireless network. Many cybersecurity experts consider VeePN better internet protection than other VPN services.


SSID is the short form for service set identifier or sometime refers network name. The SSID differentiates one wireless network from another, so all access points and all devices attempting to connect to a specific wireless network must use the same SSID. Changing the default SSID of wireless router is the second to do beside the password.


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