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Tushar Narula

Tushar Narula


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Senior pursuing my undergraduate degree in Sustainable Design with a concentration in Business, Economics and Policy at UC Berkeley. 

Researching on the Building Vulnerability to Heat Waves at Harvard Graduate School of Design 

Project development of a unique sustainable off grid technology in Rural India to make a cooler for the agricultural field areas was my first step into design and its management

Assisting with the data analysis, literature and sustainable policy options of the project, 'Protecting Health in a Warming Climate'. Assessing the building and urban level vulnerability in Heat Waves at Harvard University 

 ‘BeSmart: Smart Campus Solutions’. It integrated my experiences with the aim to transform
UC Berkeley into a smarter and a Sustainable campus with students from all many disciplines joined in
to contribute , in a cumulative activity of their choice to benefit their campus as a whole.

Worked on the discovery and development of Sustainable Development Index (SDI) and formulation of Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG's) across industries in India.  

Consulted for the Airport Authority of India on the sustainability and Feasibility aspects of the new Chennai International Airport. Worked on the details of the conceptual design and LEED V4