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Mona El Hallak

Mona El Hallak


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Mona El Hallak is the Technical Director at the Bloom Centre for Sustainability. As an environmental Professional, she has over fifteen years of diversified experience in working with private, public and not-for-profit sectors. She has championed the adoption, development, and implementation of sustainability framework in a wide range of sectors and has provided innovative solutions in the area of energy, transportation, solid waste management, water, wastewater, remediation, agriculture, aquaculture, mining and industrial processes.  Mona has successfully managed high profile projects in the area of climate change, life cycle analysis, sustainable impact quantification, third party technology assessment and evaluation.

Mona holds a Master of Science (MSc.) in Agriculture from the American University of Beirut, and a MSc. in Forestry and Environmental Studies from University of Toronto.


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Mona El Hallak added a comment to proposal Data drives smart decisions: Interactive BEEPs for Municipalities and BusinessesJul 23, 2018
Mona El Hallak added a comment to proposal Lowering the Carbon Footprint of SMEs with the help of recycled wasteJul 23, 2018
Mona El Hallak added a comment to proposal Reduce 5000 Tonnes of CO2e with Food Waste DiversionJul 23, 2018
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