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Kundan Burnwal

Kundan Burnwal


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Kundan is seasoned sustainability and climate change finance and policy professional with more than ten years of experience and an in-depth understanding and practical experience in technical evaluation, development and implementation of projects on Climate Change mitigation ,adaptation and finance which has warranted him to work in collaboration with central and state governments, private sector, think tanks and NGOs. His interests are in the interplay of economic growth and sustainable development in light of national and international climate policies. My technical training has been Master in Environment Management from the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India. He is a member of the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance and is an external technical expert for forestry at TUV NORD.

With more than ten years of extensive experience he brings with himself the necessary skill set and a unique blend of experience on environmental and Climate change issues and offer a holistic approach towards sustainability and financing which includes managing projects/programmes; mentoring multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams; stakeholder management; trainings and capacity building; handling sensitive relationships with decision/ policy makers. He is leading the development of India’s first Forestry NAMA and has been the second author of the first VCS approved REDD+ methodology from the South Asian Region. He is also working extensively on climate finance and carbon markets and is supporting sub national governments in accessing climate finance from different national and international financing windows like NAFCC (National Adaptation fund for Climate Change) and GCF (Green Climate Fund).



Assam Fuelwood Decision Support System (AFDSS)Sep 10, 2017

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Assam Fuelwood Decision Support System (AFDSS)Jan 16, 2018


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