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Ashwin As

Ashwin As


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Ashwin is an expert in the field of forestry and climate change with an in-depth understanding and practical experience in technical evaluation, development and implementation of projects on Forestry and Climate Change. He is a Master of Science in Forestry (Management and Economics) from Forest Research Institute, Dehradun (an institute under the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India) and is a qualified QMS (ISO 9001:2008) internal auditor and EMS (ISO 14001:2004) lead auditor. He is a member of the Afforestation/Reforestation Working Group at UNFCCC and is also a panel member of the Climate Smart Agriculture program under the Gold Standard and is an External Expert for forestry sector of TUV NORD.

As a Senior Manager with IORA Ecological Solutions he is overseeing REDD+ project development and implementation; as well as other Forestry, Carbon services and Sustainable Development business and projects. He is a lead author of a REDD+ methodology being developed under Verified Carbon Standard and is a key team member of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) study in forestry sector of India. He is also a key member of the team developing REDD+ Projects, focussing on baseline and MRV systems. Prior to IORA, he was with TÜV Nord as a Lead Assessor of Carbon Projects (2008-2013). As a GHG auditor with TUV Nord, he has audited a wide variety of projects in forestry and renewable energy. He has validated CDM projects in brick industry that use flu ash and gypsum technology (Fal-G) in this position[1]. As a qualified auditor for scopes 14.1 (Forestry) and 1.2 (Renewable Energy) he was the Team Lead for the first forestry CER issuance from Asia (ITC Forestry Project); Technical Reviewer of first forestry issuance from Africa (Ethiopia); Technical Reviewer of second forestry issuance from South America (Colombia); First voluntary forestry issuance (AFOLU) from India (Prakash Industries); and 2nd forestry issuance from India (MTPL). ??????


Assam Fuelwood Decision Support System (AFDSS)Sep 10, 2017

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