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George Craddock

George Craddock


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I am a Massachusetts-licensed real estate agent, based in Boston, MA, USA.  I enjoy working one-on-one with clients new and old, helping them to achieve their desired goals when buying, selling, or renting properties.  In working with a network of like-minded realtors from across the country and around the world I am able to offer my clients a full-service and uniquely personal service on a global platform.  

I am also deeply concerned by the devastating impacts that climate change has brought to bear on our planet.

Thus, I have a growing appetite for understanding the possibilities it suggests for the future of human life on earth.

Accordingly, I am actively seeking to discover best practices from the growing worldwide eco-aware and eco-friendly community.  It gives me great pleasure when I am able to translate my learning into positive changes (no matter how small) in my personal actions in my daily life practices; while championing the greater climate-change movement with my voice, my vote, my donation, and through knowledge-sharing with others. 

Through my real estate practice, I have a standing commitment to giving-back a significant share of my earned-commissions to non-profit organizations as selected by each of my buyer, seller, and rental clients.


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Solar Mobility Act: Rights of Way Access for Solar-Powered Mobility NetworksNov 3, 2017


George Craddock is supporting proposal Solar Mobility Act: Rights of Way Access for Solar-Powered Mobility NetworksNov 3, 2017
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