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Caitlin Augustin

Caitlin Augustin


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Caitlin Augustin can point to a single unifying phrase to sum up her work: “that which isn’t measured cannot be improved.” For the past decade, she’s been applying Lord Kelvin’s words to projects across sectors – from energy and climate change to education and social good. Caitlin has a penchant for wearing many hats: a day job leading impact measurement at an education company, PhD work in energy technology evaluation, and volunteer projects with a number of non-profits—including DataKind. Through the wrangling and analysis of vast data sets, she’s thrilled to be applying the rules of measurement and evaluation to problems that are sectoral in scope and that have the potential to positively impact so many people’s lives. Caitlin is passionate about science communication and can be seen trying to transfer (and translate) her research to decision-makers and practitioners across the globe at conferences and workshops. She holds multiple degrees from the University of Miami. Go ‘Canes!


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Caitlin Augustin joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 30, 2017