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Harun Owade

Harun Owade


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My background is in Instrumentation and Control Engineering which majors on; control systems theory, advanced electronics, Instrumentation and measurements, power engineering, systems engineering, signals processing and computer programming. This is coupled with my passionate venture in electrical power distribution and improvements of efficiency as especially concerns solar power and their storage; and experiences in geothermal power, wind and solar energy.

I’m an entrepreneur in the energy sector having founded a company, ‘Dewarlos Instrumentation systems Ltd’ in February 2014. Dewarlos Instrumentation Systems Ltd is a company with a focus in the energy sector and with a broader vision to become a premier energy solutions provider and energy consultancy company in the wider East Africa region.

In-line with the national policy setting of “intended nationally determined contributions” to ensure climate-resilient future, we intend as a company to continue contributing to this future in our way of providing and enhancing clean, sustainable energy through the Solar PVs solutions. The company does installations of solar panels in small households that are used to power small devices such as lighting, mobile phones, radios and TVs.

Kenya’s energy policy is one which encourages the development and use of clean renewable energy. There are massive investments in the geothermal power, wind power generation and many models of solar power access. Electricity access is vital to Kenya's vision of growth and development. The government is very committed to supporting and partnering with small private firms, and this is a welcome engagement in improving access to power.


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Framework for Community-Based Sustainable DevelopmentJan 2, 2018


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