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Sérgio Pereira Da Silva

Sérgio Pereira Da Silva


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With over 17 years of practical experience in the field of Master Plan and Architecture, Sérgio is RIBA Architect and LEED GA. Sérgio excels in concept development as well as detailing design. He has worked on projects related to hospitality, health care, residential, retail, entertainment, casino, science parks and commercial buildings throughout Europe, North Africa, China and South-East Asia. Currently is PhD Researcher student in the field of Sustainable Development and Social with emphasis to the Agenda 2030 - SGD 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

He has solid project management experience in Master Plan and Architectural offices around the world. Pursuing more challenging opportunities, Sérgio moved to Vietnam in 2011. In the following years, he passed through Algeria, Hong Kong and Macau. During this time, Sérgio was in charge of overseeing and delegating on teams quality solutions by taking a broader approach to the concept, to
understand the bigger picture and various components that contribute to it and drive the project further. Sérgio has now returned to Vietnam where he is active Principal Architect and COO at 3TI Progetti Asia where he manages the concept and architectural development Department.


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Sérgio Pereira Da Silva joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 4, 2017