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Muhammad Amjad Ali

Muhammad Amjad Ali


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I am working as Assistant Professor Jointly in department of Plant Pathology and Centre of Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan and my main interest is to explore the molecular mechanisms involved in the induction of disease resistance during plant-nematode interactions. However, in past appointments, I have been working on direct seeded rice and its weed management. Now a days I am working on a project related to root-knot nematode in rice. 

I have expertise in rice wheat rice production using both flooded and diect seeded condition. My additional expertise are in plant interactions with pathogens and abiotic stresses at both breeding and molecular levels. I have experience in various techniques ranging from gene cloning through genetic engineering in plants to confocal microscopy and various other molecular biology techniques to plant phenotyping and infection assays against different plant pathogens. I also have expertise in in sillico use of various models available publically for characterization of different genes in plants. I am highly interested in plant interactions with biotic stresses and comparative genomics and molecular biology of crop plants in response to these stresses. My research interests include exploring the molecular aspects of plant-pathogen interactions, incorporation of resistance in plants against plant pathogens using biotechnological tools, strategies to cope with biotic and abiotic stresses in economically important plants, biological control of plant pathogens specifically plant pathogenic fungi and plant parasitic nematodes, molecular aspects of antagonism between plant pathogens and biocontrol agents.


Direct seeded and zero tillage rice for ecologically safe enviromentJan 18, 2017
Stay-Green Plants against High TemperaturesJan 18, 2017

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