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Gwendal Castellan

Gwendal Castellan


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Gwendal Castellan grew up in Vancouver and has had a multifaceted career path that has helped build a vision of global sustainability based on a perspective of the value of local community based initiatives. His diverse work experience has had him designing water conservation curriculum for schools in Western Australia, planning the resources of the Canadian satellite RadarSat over Asia, Oceania and South America as well as producing the feature length film “Long Road North” documenting his journey from Patagonia to the North West Territories of Canada by bicycle, to sharing his energy conservation expertise to homeowners using an electric cargo bicycle to carry all the equipment.  

His current work is rooted in energy demand management through energy conservation and business community engagement. He started in 2012 at Tourism Vancouver as part of an innovative sponsorship agreement with the local electrical utility BC Hydro Power Smart with the mandate to build the capacity of Tourism Vancouver member businesses to implement energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. To his knowledge the program is believed to be a worldwide first among destination marketing and management organizations, and the effort is already saving over seven point five kilowatt hours per year, which is enough energy power a typical 200 room hotel for 5.4 years. The vision is to develop a comprehensive sustainable destination strategy that supports a positive visitor experience and long term community benefit.
Gwendal is passionate about making the best of the opportunities we have now to be good to the earth for posterity and quietly modeling the behaviour we wish to see in the world.


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Interactive Business Energy and Emissions Dashboard for CitiesJun 10, 2016


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