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David Lustick

David Lustick


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David Lustick is an Associate Professor of Science Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Graduate School of Education, where he conducts research on adult learning and climate-change communication. As Principal Investigator on two informal-science learning projects, David leads a team of interdisciplinary professionals who are all dedicated to engaging communities with climate science. Cool Science displays K-12 student artwork about climate change throughout the local transit authority in Lowell, Mass. is a multi-faceted learning campaign on the Boston subway featuring “Ozzie the Ostrich,” who engaged Bostonians with the reality, relevance and hope associated with climate change. Both projects utilize out-of-home media and social networks to engage the riding public with science-learning opportunities during their daily routines.  


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David Lustick joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 9, 2016