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Arif Cem Gundogan

Arif Cem Gundogan


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I am a social environmental scientist & consultant who recently completed MA degree in Environment & Development at the Geography Department of King's College London where I am awarded with Jean Monnet Scholarship to pursue my studies. I have been professionally working at environment, energy and development nexus since 2007. Previously, I worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as the Prosperity Fund Turkey Programme Fund Coordinator for 3.5 years and over-sighted the FCO’s portfolio of climate, energy, and open economy projects in Turkey. I currently serve as a consultant & projects coordinator at a private carbon & climate services company (GTE Carbon) based in Ankara. I also undertake independent research & frequently contribute to Turkish media outlets on issues regarding my area of interests. I have delivered numerous consultancy works on climate change science and policy.

Recent publications I contributed:

Turhan, E., Cerit Mazlum, S., Şahin, Ü., Şorman, A. H., & Cem Gündoğan, A. (2016). Beyond special circumstances: climate change policy in Turkey 1992–2015. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change. DOI: 10.1002/wcc.390 

Turhan, E. & Gundogan, A.C. Post-Politics of the Green Economy in Turkey, in Cavanagh, C. J. and Benjaminsen, T. A. (eds.) Political Ecology and Alternatives to the Green Economy, Political Ecology Journal

Gundogan, A.C. and Turhan, E. Price and Prejudice: The politics of carbon market establishment in Turkey (Oral presentation) Our Common Future Under Climate Change, International Scientific Conference, Paris, 2015.

I am currently active member of Ecology Collective Association where I work on a graphical novel on climate & energy justice; member of the Political Ecology Working Group and a node of the Pollen Network.


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Arif Cem Gundogan joined the Climate CoLab communityApr 15, 2016