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Silvia Weel

Silvia Weel


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I was born in a Dutch village in Brazil, named Holambra. Icompleted my Bachelor studies in Ecology at the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil) with a specific focus on applied techniques for restoring degraded lands through an understanding of the ecological succession stages of forest development. Upon graduation, I had the opportunity to coordinate a fieldwork team (INPA/Smithsonian), conducting a phytodemographic survey in the Amazon Forest which provided a deeper understanding of ecological processes such as fragmentation. Afterwards, I traveled through Europe and pursued a Master’s degree in Geo-Information Science at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. I was a founding member of EarthCollective in The Netherlands and initiated my adventures in South Africa through the development of a vegetation monitoring programme in the Great Fish River Reserve. New opportunities arose while in South Africa which motivated the founding of Living Lands. Since then, I managed with my colleagues a set of initiatives for collectively finding out solutions for degraded landscapes, climate change solutions, wildlife conservation strategies and general socio environmental issues. I acted in a research capacity and supervised various visiting remote sensing & GIS students. During a couple of months in 2009 I worked with Brazillian and US organizations in researching the social, environmental and economical trade offs between business as usual versus REDD+ scheme in the Amazon. I presented some of our results at COP15 in Copenhagen. In 2013 I went back to Brazil for supporting other projects, acting as a consultant to private and public sectors, enabling sustainable development both in rural and urban landscapes. I am currently investigating opportunities to support conservation and restoration strategic planning and implementation initiatives, at no specific location, as those issues are world wide demands.


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Collective intelligence incentives to promote ecologically friendly actionsApr 12, 2016
Want to get people involved? Go localApr 12, 2016


Silvia Weel is supporting proposal Want to get people involved? Go localApr 12, 2016
Silvia Weel is supporting proposal Collective intelligence incentives to promote ecologically friendly actionsApr 12, 2016
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