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Kristian P. Olesen

Kristian P. Olesen


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Inventor of the Liquid NanoClay.

Born in Denmark. Educated as an engineer in HVAC and have been in this discipline from 1972 till 1986 working in consulting companies. Doing all kind of applications from 17 hectare roof gardens - office building in one of the companies I worked in, schools with swimming pools - tropical indoor garden in Norway - offshore installations in the North Sea.

In 1986 established my own consulting company, in the start for onshore applications like schools, library, etc. After 6 months one of the major oil companies (who knew me) asked me to chance a lot of fire dampers in a turn-around at the largest platform in the North Sea, this was successful and was followed of contracts for the next 10 years with 'problems' to be solved in the sites.

One of the important type of contracts was solving the fume-problems at the shale shaker rooms at the platforms, after I have been there, one could send in ones sons to work there, it became clean in all breading areas. I got a reputation for delivering quality in due time at fixed costs.

In 2002 my son in law asked me to help an inventor to perform some testing of a biological stuff use as a kind membrane in order to reflect the the sunshine. This was tested 2 times in Kuwait and 5 times in Egypt for own costs. This product was excellent for 8 to 12 days, the thermic oxidation broke down the biological material and the left over was eaten by the microbes.

6 months later I remembered the one of the Egyptian scientists gave us a copy of their research concerning the use of clays as a soil enhancer, but their way of applying this as a dry powder mixed into dry sand was too costly. When I did my problem analyse for creating aggregates in the sandy soils I looked at all kind of glues, but ended with clay flakes as the best option. I solved this by mixing the clays into individual flakes and adding small air bubbles at both sides and thats the Liqiud NanoClay


Transforming Deserts into Fertile Farmland using Liquid NanoClay.Apr 4, 2016

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