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Leann Siefferman

Leann Siefferman


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After a nearly decade-long career in non-profit program management, I changed paths. I am now a student through Harvard Extension School, working towards my master's degree in Sustainability. I serve as the Sustainability Intern for Greenworks Orlando, the City of Orlando's sustainability initiative. As a side project, I assist with sustainability project development for the NGO IDEAS for Us.

I am particularly interested in understanding the sociocultural influences on an individual's climate literacy, and how education, religion, political affiliation and value systems influence our understanding of and response to environmental issues. Current research interests include 1) understanding what role sustainable development can have within an Eastward-moving Western neoliberal paradigm, and 2) how presenting complex, abstract climate change data in a visual way can create personal, emotional and localized connections with the crisis.  techniques can influence individuals to "act on climate"



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New Climate Magazine: Learning to live on a changing planetMar 28, 2016


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