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Ingo Weber

Ingo Weber


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Doctor/ GP and Anesthetic Specialist  and Environmental Activist.  Teacher, Public Health Tutor, and Senior Lecturer.

Committee member and ex-chair of the Doctors for the Environment. (Public Health Advocacy Group)

I write proposals, make submissions, and am involved in many climate change education projects as well as community projects the biggest being:   Concentrated Solar Thermal for Port Augusta

I have given close to 100 public talks as well as teaching medical students on health impacts of climate change having achieved that climate change is now integrated as part of medical student training at both Universities in Adelaide.

Last year i was invited guest speaker at WOMAD 2015.  You can find my panel interview and discussion on Youtube by typing in "Planet Talks: Can people be healthy when the planet is sick? "

Dr Ingo Weber


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Ingo Weber joined the Climate CoLab communityMar 9, 2016