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William Erbil

William Erbil


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I am a chemist who is passionate about the intersection between society and technology.  I believe that climate change presents humanity with a new age where technology must be viewed with skepticism.  We must learn to use technology when necessary, but also consider the long term consequences of its use.  I believe that spiritual frameworks may be an important platform for deriving solutions to the challenges that climate change poses.  In much of the developed world, an individual's carbon footprint has a direct impact on the lives of many people in other parts of the world without access to large amounts of capital or financial resources.  The ecological impact of a first world lifestyle is carried unequally, with those in the developing world bearing much of the cost.  It is my hope to work on solutions that help people communicate across international boundaries as to the need for valuing earth as a precious resource.  I utilize the arts as a vehicle to deliver cultural messages.  Specifically, poetry for me is a vehicle to express ecological and spiritual messages.     


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