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David Yarbrough

David Yarbrough


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PhD in Chemical Engineering, 1966, Georgia Institute of Technology
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Emeritus, Tennessee Technological University, Retired TTU in 2002 as Professor and Chairman of Chemical Engineering with 32 years of Service.
Research Staff Member (part-time) Oak Ridge National Laboratory , retired 2011 with 30 years of service. Founding partner of R&D Services, Inc in 1994, Presently Vice President. Member of ASTM (fellow), ASHRAE, International Thermal Conductivity Conference (fellow), International Vacuum Insulation Symposium, Tennessee Academy of Science (fellow and past-president). Retired 1987 from US Army Reserve, LTC-SIGC). Approximately 200 papers and presentations with many co-authors. Member of Editorial Board of the J. of Building Physics.                                                                                          


INSULATION: Data + Metrics + Communication = Big CO2 ReductionsJan 29, 2016

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