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Carlos Emilio Perez Damas

Carlos Emilio Perez Damas


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I am a Systems Engineer and Project Manager specializing in complex energy systems. I have 10 years of experience modeling energy systems using finite difference / finite element numerical simulation tools and optimization algorithms. Also, I have five years of experience as a project manager (project design, management of resources, execution) developing energy technologies in a hardware / R&D environment. I have a strong technical understanding of wind, solar, geothermal an oil & gas energy systems. I have led the patent application process for more than a dozen energy technologies.

Currently, I am a master's student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) participating in the System Design & Management (SDM) program. Also, I am a Teaching Assistant in Prof. John Deutch's course on Energy Technology & Policy (5.00).


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Carlos Emilio Perez Damas joined the Climate CoLab communityJan 30, 2016