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Russell Mendell

Russell Mendell


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Russell– a writer, musician and community organizer– is focused on merging art and activism to inspire youth participation in climate solutions. Russell was moved to action after witnessing the water contamination near fossil fuel extraction sites. This led him to assist with water catchment construction and water deliveries from the Amazon to Northeast Pennsylvania. He was previously the Outreach Director for Frack Action and Water Defense, actor Mark Ruffalo’s nonprofit. Most recently, Russell was the Campaign Director for Frack Free Colorado, a nonprofit focused on making the transition from fracked gas to renewable energy. He has co-organized dozens of concerts and events for social and environmental causes.Russell is working to nurture the symbiotic relationship between art, music and climate solutions.


Soil for Life Carbon Sequestration ChallengeJan 29, 2016

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Russell Mendell voted for proposal Urban Food Forests for Sustainable Community ChangeMar 29, 2016
Russell Mendell joined the Climate CoLab communityJan 29, 2016